If you’re a an individual or small to medium business you’ll be happy to know you’re in the right place!
Design Valley promises to help you make a memorable first impression on prospective clients – whether it be via your website, stationery or marketing material. With industry experience of over 8 years, we know what tends to work and what doesn’t. This means we can advise on how well your ideas may (or may not!) appeal to your target market.
Think you can’t afford professional graphic and website design? The vast majority of clients think this is the case but good marketing can be excellent value for money when you get a positive out come.
NB: All prices below exclude GST

Logo design costs
At Design Valley, our logo design process is as follows:
We spend 3-4 hours creating an initial selection of at least 3 logos, based on the brief and information that we get from you.
From this initial selection, we work under your direction to tweak your preferred concept(s) through to a final logo. This stage of the design process can take anywhere from zero to infinity hours, but usually takes between 3-6 hours.
Thus the average amount of time a logo design will take is 6-10 hours
In addition to the time spent creating and developing the artwork a package price of $140 is charged for the supply of a range of files that can be used on multiple applications and the logos native files.
In summary a logo design with Design Valley would usually cost between $380-$540

Graphic design costs
When it comes to graphic design, we charge $40/hr. Below we have listed how long the average item takes to design, make two rounds of changes to and prepare for print. The more design work we do for you, the faster we get as we already have all your assets (logos, imagery etc) and we know what you like.

Business card design: 1-2 hours
Letterhead or with comps slip design: 1-2 hours
Email signature design: 1-2 hours
DL flyer front and back: 2-4 hours
A4 flyer front and back: 2-4 hours
DL brochure: 3-5 hours
A4 or A3 poster design: 2-4 hours
Multi page brochure designs: 1 hour per page
Magazine design: 1 hour per page
General Typesetting: 20-30 mins per page

Printing costs
As there is such a large range of printers that can we used we print brocker and quote on jobs at the time of completing artwork, printers can be chosen on locality, quality and/or price.